City Club of Portland members approved, with a 95% majority, A Second Chance for Oregon, High School Dropouts, and the GED. The study committee finds that, despite the shortcomings of previous versions, the new 2014 GED represents an opportunity to give high school dropouts a second chance for success. City Club will work with statewide partners to take full advantage of this opportunity.

GED Advocacy Committee

  • Melvin Oden-Orr, Chair
  • Marty Berger
  • Aimee Craig
  • Zeke Smith
  • Andrew Riley
  • Eliz Roser
  • Pat Wagner
  • Jeffrey Chicoine
  • Chris Mascal
  • Bimal RajBhandary
  • Judith Ramaley
  • Alexis Romanos
  • Ernest Stephens II
  • Chris Trejbal, Lead Writer
  • Kristie Perry, Advocacy & Awareness Advisor