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Portland isn't a TV show. 

It’s not a set of zip codes, a random collection of people, or a spot on the map. PORTLAND IS AN IDEA bigger than the sum of its parts. And it’s our commitment to make good on that idea.

City Club members believe we have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to effect real change, to promote real progress, to deliver solutions FOR EVERYONE. An even better Portland is ours for the making.

Some call us weird. Others smart. WE CALL IT HOME.

So get involved. Help others do the same.




Standard Membership
31 years and older
$165/year or $13.75/month 
Junior Membership
30 years and younger
$82.50/year or $6.88/month
Student Membership
Full Time Student
$45.00/year or $3.75/month
Nonresident Membership
Lives and works outside of Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas and Clark counties
$82.50/year or $6.88/month
Family Membership
2 people 31 years and older
$275/year or $22.92/month
Family Membership Combo
1 person 31 years and older and 1 person as a junior
$205/year or $17.08/month
Family Membership
2 Juniors
$135/year or $11.29/mont



City Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your membership dues (less the value of your gifts) and additional contributions are 100% tax deductible!

City Club relies on membership dues to fund 40% of the annual operating budget.

Monthly payment plans are available!