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Cameron Whitten is an active City Club member. The evolution of Cameron Whitten: Portland's most famous young radical wonders what's next. Cameron Whitten works a room like a spirograph. At his 24th birthday party, a Pearl District gallery gathering that doubled as a fundraiser for the Black United Fund, he made infinity loops, touching every person on the shoulder yet never lingering. Read more here.

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2016 Board of Governors

2016 Ballot Measure Research

City Club of Portland member volunteers researched five ballot measures and one initiaive petition in advance of the Nov. 8, 2016 general election. Read their reports by using the links below.

Measure 94 – Repeal mandatory judicial retirement age.
Measure 96 – Dedicate lottery funds to veterans services.
Measure 97 – Corporate tax increase.
Measure 98 – Funding for high school graduation and career programs.
Measure 99 – Dedicate lottery funds to Outdoor School.
Initiative Petition 62 – Public union dues.


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Our weekly programs are a great way to stay informed and up-to-date on issues facing Oregonians. If you miss a Friday Forum at the Sentinel Hotel, you can tune in and listen to Oregon Public Broadcasting every Friday at 7pm, or watch on Portland Community Media and YouTube. City Club members can log in to their accounts and livestream Friday Forums each week! Everyone can browse our Friday Forum library.


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