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Merril Keane is an active City Club member, and she most recently served as chair of last year's Advocacy Board. Portland Business Journal highlighted her in their section People on the Move. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Audubon Society of Portland. Founded in 1902 (14 years before City Club), the Audubon Society promotes the understanding, enjoyment and protection of native birds, and other wildlife and their habitats. By day she is a business and tax attorney at Miller Nash.

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City Club of Portland’s more than 1,900 members completed online balloting for five measures that will appear on Oregon’s Nov. 4 ballot. All of them received more than two-thirds majority support. City Club therefore will advocate for their passage. These recommendations are some of the earliest and highest-profile endorsements about measures that Oregonians will vote on in November.

Ballot Measure 86: Higher Education Bonds

Ballot Measure 88: Driver Cards

Ballot Measure 89: ERA

Ballot Measure 91: Marijuana Legalization

Ballot Measure 92: GMO Labeling

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City Club of Portland's first Ballot-Palooza equal parts sober debate and raucous townhall meeting. By Dana Tims, Oregonian.

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Our weekly programs are a great way to stay informed and up-to-date on issues facing Oregonians. If you miss a Friday event at Sentinel Hotel, you can listen on Oregon Public Broadcasting every Friday at 7pm to listen, or watch on Portland Community Media and YouTube. City Club members can log-in to their accounts and livestream Friday Forums each week!




Members of our advocacy committees have key conversations with decision makers, and lobby our elected officials about issues that matter to Oregonians. Find out more about the issues we're working on!