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Merril Keane is an active City Club member, and she most recently served as chair of last year's Advocacy Board. Portland Business Journal highlighted her in their section People on the Move. She is currently on the Board of Directors for the Audubon Society of Portland. Founded in 1902 (14 years before City Club), the Audubon Society promotes the understanding, enjoyment and protection of native birds, and other wildlife and their habitats. By day she is a business and tax attorney at Miller Nash.

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Hot Topic: Water & Sewer

City Club members approved Rising Rates and Customer Concerns: Assessing Governance of Portland's Water and Sewer Utilities. The report recommended the creation of an appointed Portland Water and Sewer Authority, within the structure of City government, that would provide independent management and oversight of the bureaus. City Club is working with community partners improve the transparency and accountabilty of governance and ratesetting.

Our Opinion: Water panel a start, but we want results. "Back in April, Hales and Fish offered Portland residents a deal: If voters would defeat the public water district ballot measure in the May election, the two city leaders would consider water and sewer bureau reforms. The first step would be appointing a 12- to 15-member 'blue ribbon commission.'" Portland Tribune, Editorial board, July 3.

City taps a dozen for water oversight. Commission meets July 15 to look at water bureaur, BES. "Representatives of three organizations that have criticized the City Council’s management of the water and sewer bureaus have been appointed to a commission that could recommend changes in their oversight." Portland Tribune, Jim Redden, July 1.

You Were Promised a Blue Ribbon Commission on Water/Sewer Rates. Here You Go. "Back when it seemed like angry industrialists could maybe, possibly stage a viable push to snatch Portland's water and sewer service away from City Hall, sweating city officials made a promise."  Portland Mercury, Dirk Vanderhart, June 26.

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