City Club thrives in a year of transition

During the past year, City Club has undergone two important transformations. We hired Executive Director Mike Marshall and Program/Communications Director Suzi Carter, both of whom bring a sharper strategic focus to City Club. Additionally, the Board of Governors adopted a three-pronged strategic initiative to improve the Club’s relevance, influence and community engagement..

We’re already seeing success. The Club released two of its more influential research reports in years about the Portland Street Fee and the Minimum Wage. They both received tremendous media and public attention. Meanwhile, our advocacy teams on these and other issues have convinced policymakers to implement many of the Club’s research recommendations.

Our programming and events are flourishing, too. Friday Forums featured dozens of exciting speakers. Our Issue forums, civic drinks and new leaders events gave members chances to engage with each other as well as local, state and national thinkers and leaders.

The Club is also succeeding financially. Our membership has grown, and we added three new corporate supporters just since the summer. December marks the launch of our annual fund drive, and I hope you will consider donating so that we enter our centennial year with the resources we need to continue to increase our ability to mold the future of Portland.

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