The City Club of Portland is a non-partisan, membership-based Oregon nonprofit corporation, the members of which: a) conduct impartial research on topics approved by the Board of Governors; b) advocate for the implementation of research report recommendations that are approved by two-thirds of members voting; and c) produce and promote public events and forums.

The Board of Governors, committees, members and staff face an array of editorial and topic selection decisions. These include deciding which issues to select for research and events and the method for doing so, how to advocate for research recommendations, which issues to cover in communications to members, the public and the media, and when and how all such content will be made available.

City Club’s bylaws and policies determine what board, committee, chair, or staffer is responsible for the selection of topics, speakers, and the editorial content of its research, advocacy and events.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that City Club of Portland maintains its independence with regard to producing research, advocacy and events and is not faced with undue influence from its funders.

For purposes of this policy, “undue influence” shall mean intentionally coercive behavior undertaken by funders that seeks to interfere with the member-based production of City Club’s research, advocacy and events.

The City Club of Portland is grateful to its corporate sponsors and donors for their financial support that helps to underwrite the expenses of its research, advocacy and events. It is the policy of the City Club of Portland that donations are accepted without regard to any funder’s opinion on the selection of research and event topics or speakers and the editorial content and methodology of research, advocacy or events.

The City Club donor and corporate sponsor website pages will include a link to this policy.