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Press Release:

City Club of Portland Research Committee concludes that Portland
must not wait to adopt a comprehensive street funding package.

The committee endorsed a number of funding options in its report released today.

(Portland, Ore.) City Club of Portland on Wednesday released its Street Fee Research Committee report titled “Portland’s Streets: End the funding gridlock.” The research committee concluded that Portland needs new revenue for street maintenance and safety and that City Council should not delay adopting a solution. It recommends city leaders and key stakeholders work together to develop a comprehensive, integrated funding package that includes a number of revenue sources identified in the report, including existing city revenue, a local gas tax and increased vehicle registration fee.

“To save current and future Portland taxpayers from staggering expense, Portland must act swiftly to contain and reverse ballooning street maintenance costs,” the report states.

“No one funding source will raise enough money for maintenance and safety,” Committee Chair Jennifer Rollins said. “Stakeholders must come together to develop a compromise, multifaceted funding plan that will ensure Portland has the infrastructure it needs for the future.”

The committee’s nine member-volunteers spent seven months interviewing 21 witnesses and studying options to fund street maintenance and safety improvements. They concluded that delay is not a responsible option. The longer Portland puts off finding a solution, the worse the problem becomes and the more it will cost taxpayers to fix.

City Club will devote its Sept. 11 Friday Forum at the Sentinel Hotel to discussing the report and the street fee. Those who wish to attend can reserve a seat online at

After a panel discussion, City Club members will vote whether to adopt the report. Those not in attendance will have an opportunity to vote online. A simple majority will adopt the report. “City Club members want this report to reinvigorate this critical discussion about fixing the city’s streets,” City Club Executive Director Mike Marshall said. “City Club is comprised of every-day Portlanders who want and expect good-government solutions and who are not beholden to any of the key stakeholders. They want action now.”

Although the committee agreed on nearly all of its findings and recommendations, it split on one particular funding mechanism. A four-member minority recommends the city adopt a Transportation Utility Fee that would charge a flat fee on all households and a variable trip-related fee on businesses. The five-member majority opposed such a fee.

City Club of Portland brings together civic-minded people to make Portland and Oregon better places to live, work and play for everyone. For more information about City Club of Portland, visit or call 503-228-7231.

Committee Members

The member-volunteers who served on the Street Fee Research Committee were Jennifer Rollins (chair), Kristin Eberhard (lead writer), Brian Landoe (vice chair), Ted Wall, Drusilla van Hengel, Barbara Slaughter, Andy Shaw, Spencer Ehrman and Alan Brickley. The committee’s Research advisers were Byron Palmer and Ryan Fox-Lee. The advocacy and awareness adviser was Jen Scott.