Our Legacy

What people say about City Club's Research Program

"Most people have no idea
...how influential City Club research reports are in the Legislature.

Right now in Oregon, 40,000 kids are participating in Head Start who otherwise would not be, and one of the main reasons for that is City Club's report on early childhood care and education. That report set the stage for the entire discussion of the issue that ultimately resulted in the bill being passed into law.

The Club members who wrote that report deserve a great deal of credit and should be very proud of what they accomplished." -- Former State Senator Ryan Deckert


"One of the first things I did
...after resettling in Portland...was to join City Club and get involved in a research committee related to early childhood education.

That experience helped motivate me to run for the legislature." -- Ben Cannon, Education Policy Advisor to Gov. John Kitzhaber


"City Club of Portland has the best citizen-based research methodology of any organization in the country."
-- Gabriel Metcalf, executive director, San Francisco Planning & Urban Research Association