Friday Forum

The Friday Forum is our weekly lunchtime program, offering networking with civic-minded people who want to learn about the topics that affect Portlanders and Oregonians. Join us at the Sentinel Hotel for lunch, watch live from any mobile device (member benefit only!), listen on Oregon Public Broadcasting that evening at 7:00pm or at home on Portland Community Media.  

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City Club welcomes members and nonmembers to Friday Forums. Pricing and reservation requirements vary - find them here.

Past Events Include...

Racial Justice Leaders Look Ahead to the 2015 Session
Jen Lleras Van Der Haeghen, Kayse jama, Kathy Wai and Michael Alexander, moderated by Jesse Beason

We have a dynamic discussion between racial justice leaders from Center for Intercultural Organizing, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, and Urban League of Portland. We will briefly look back at bills that led to progress for communities of color - as well as missed opportunities - from the 2013 legislative session. This program will include a deep-dive discussion of three legislative initiatives: "Ban the Box", bills to end profiling, and guarantee paid sick leave.
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The State of Black Oregon
Nkenge Harmon Johnson

The State of Black Oregon tells the story of Black Oregonians through the lens of childhood and youth, adulthood and community, using data, analysis and storytelling. the report is a roadmap to address longstanding inequities in employment, education, housing, health, criminal justice and wealth creation – and to pave the way for success.
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Measure 88: All Roads Lead to Yes
State Representative Jessica Vega Pederson, Ron Louie, Rev. Lynne Smouse Lopez, and moderated by Karol Collymore

Over 95% of City Club of Portland members urge a yes vote on Measure 88. City Club’s research report on the measure concluded that driving privileges should be based on the ability to drive safely, know the rules of the road and obtain auto insurance— not on immigration status.
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State of Our Schools: Leading for Racial Equity
Superintendents Carole Smith, Don Grotting and Karen Gray, and moderated by Dani Ledezma, the Governor's Education Policy Advisor

What are our school districts doing to improve graduation rates for students of color, and close the achievement gap?
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City Club is able to put on high-quality Friday Forum programming that engages Portland and Oregon in important conversations thanks in part to the generous support of our sponsors.

Do You Have an Idea for a City Club event?
Who would you like to hear from? Do you have a civic question in need of a good answer? Is there a policy issue you think needs public airing? Click here to submit your forum idea.

Who plans the Friday Forum?
The Friday Forum Committee chooses the topics and speakers who present and co-present. The Committee seeks over time to offer a diversity of perspectives. Unless noted, the topics and opinions expressed at City Club of Portland events are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of the City Club of Portland.
Friday Forum Committee

Walter Robinson II, Chair
Kurt Wehbring
Rebecca Tweed
Roey Thorpe
Maggie Tallmadge
Toni Tabora-Roberts
Bobbie Regan
Eddy Morales
Sam Metz
Melissa Magaña
Stephen Green
Courtney Graham
Caroline Harris Crown
Jerry Cohen
Daniel Capuia
Aliemah Bradley
Bryce Bennett

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