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City Club’s research program enlists members in rigorous research and analysis to produce unbiased reports on the most complex issues facing our city, region and state.

Volunteering for a research committee is a serious commitment of time and energy, but the rewards are great. Committee members interact with key stakeholders and decision-makers, gain a deeper understanding of regional affairs and influence public policy.

Since 1920, City Club members have prepared over 1000 reports on a wide variety of topics including land-use planning, health care, education, environment, government, transportation, taxation and more. Ballot measure reports provide useful guidance for voters. Comprehensive reports serve as a resource for community leaders and citizens developing or evaluating policy initiatives, and are frequently cited in state and local media.

After a careful screening process to avoid conflicts of interest, a committee of City Club members conducts research and drafts a report. Following a debate, City Club members determine by vote whether the committee’s recommendations become official policy positions of the Club.

City Club members also participate in follow-up advocacy work that serves as a powerful force for civic change.


Research Board

The Research Board provides oversight and support for the Club's numerous comprehensive and ballot measure study committees. Research Board members identify study topics, develop study charges, serve as advisors to various study committees, and review and approve draft reports. Membership on the Research Board requires prior service on a City Club comprehensive or ballot measure study committee. City Club also regularly issues calls to its members to join one of the many comprehensive and ballot measure study committees launched each year.

Rob Brostoff Abby Coppock
Anneliese Davis Lauren Fox
Ryan Fox-Lee Elizabeth Friedenwald
Eric Fruits Caroline Harris Crowne
Kristina Holm Roberto Jimenez
Mary Macpherson, Chair Liza Morehead
Masami Nishishiba Byron Palmer
Nicole Pexton Amy Sample Ward
Garrett Stephenson Carl von Rohr
Kezia Wanner Ari Wubbold, Vice- Chair
Propose a Study Topic

Ideas for City Club study topics come from City Club members and the general public and are vetted by the Club’s Research Board and Board of Governors. Click here to propose a study topic.


Conflict of Interest Policy

It is the policy of the City Club of Portland that donations are accepted without regard to any funder’s opinion on the selection of research and event topics or speakers and the editorial content and methodology of research, advocacy or events. Conflict of Interest Policy.

Topic and Speaker Selection, and Editoral Policy

Topic and speaker slection, and editoral policy.