City Club's Bylaws are attached below.

On August 12, 2013, the City Club Board of Governors passed the following amendment to the Bylaws

Art VIII, Sec 4.A: Action of the Club membership on a report shall ordinarily be taken by vote in the manner prescribed in Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, following consideration at a regular meeting. Paper ballots will be distributed only to members as they enter the meeting and will be collected at the close of the meeting. No ballot shall be cast or collected before the closing of the discussion of the measure voted, or the normal adjournment time of the meeting, whichever first occurs. Following the close of the meeting, electronic ballots on the final motion voted on by the members in attendance will be made available to members who did not vote in person. The combined paper and electronic ballots will be counted and the results of the combined tally announced in the next member bulletin.

This wording will replace Art VIII, Sec 4.A, which states the Club’s traditional process for voting. This amendment states an exception to that clause, applicable to votes on Ballot Measure and Long-Term reports.

The effect of the Board’s action is the following:

  • For each study report Club members will be notified of the upcoming opportunity to cast their vote on the report online.

  • On-line voting will begin in the afternoon following the Friday Forum at which the in-person vote is cast

  • The on-line vote will be a simple Yes/No vote. (In the event of a minority report or amendments, on-line voters will vote to accept or reject only the report that the in-person voting community selects for the final vote.)

  • Online voting will be open for two to five days (TBD).

  • Strict verification procedures will be used to determine that online voters (1) are City Club members, and (2) vote only once.

  • At the Friday Forum meeting where the in-person vote is cast, the standard check-in procedure to issue voting cards will take place.  Members who vote at the meeting will not be included in the email distribution inviting members to vote on-line.

  • Members who are eligible to vote on-line will receive a one-time use, customized link that is traceable to their email address.

  • The total on-line vote plus the total in-meeting vote will yield the final result.

The Board of Governors wishes to stress that there is value in maintaining our tradition of in-person voting at Friday Forums:  i.e., value in hearing presentations and debates; and value in encouraging the person-to-person collegiality and civility for which City Club is so widely admired. However, increasing the number of members who vote is a worthy goal, and can be accomplished by adding the on-line voting option.  Members who plan to vote on-line may of course attend the Friday Forums where the issues are debated.

Here are the key points to remember:

  1. Online voting will not be available for the choice between a minority report and a majority report.

  2. Online voting is intended to augment in-person voting, not replace it. If at all possible, please attend the Friday Forums and cast your vote!

Download the bylaws here

Download a recent amendment  concerning the minimum age of a City Club member