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Domestic violence, public parks and equity in Portland:
City Club has helped define the city for 100 years
(Portland, Ore.) City Club of Portland on Wednesday released its Centennial Research Committee report titled “A Century of Influence: 1,030 reports in 100 years.” The research committee concluded that “[Research] reports from the past 100 years are of significant and lasting importance to our community and to City Club members themselves.” This influence has shaped direct civic action, leaders’ decision making and public opinion in our region and beyond.
The Centennial Report states, “Citizens are constantly seeking good government that is responsive to community needs. Through the research process, City Club has served as a watchdog and provided sustained and consistent review of ongoing civic concerns.” Reports of notable influence from the past century identified by the committee addressed Portland’s parks, the Oregon initiative process, equity and access by minorities, law enforcement, fluoridation, tax reform, public employee retirement and domestic violence.
“The Centennial Report demonstrates the influential role City Club has played in Portland over the past century,” said City Club’s Executive Director Mike Marshall. “The report also lays bare the importance of civic institutions in the 21st century as daily newspapers play a diminishing role in important public policy debates.  City Club’s research and advocacy plays an increasingly important role in educating the Rose City’s inhabitants.”
The committee’s nine member-volunteers spent ten months interviewing 15 witnesses, poring over the City Club’s archives dating back to 1916 and measuring the impact of reports. The committee researched the 352 long-range, comprehensive reports and identified themes in historic reports that clustered around governmental services, community services, transportation, community safety, parks, planning, education, economic development, and taxation and finance.
City Club will devote its Feb. 19 Friday Forum at the Sentinel Hotel to discussing the Club’s past influence and future direction as it enters its second century. The event is open to all, and tickets are available online at bit.ly/centennialFF.
After a panel discussion, City Club members will vote whether to adopt the report. Those not in attendance will have an opportunity to vote online. A simple majority will adopt the report.
City Club of Portland is a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic organization where civic-minded people come together to make Portland and Oregon better places to live, work and play, for everyone. Its more than 2,000 members live in all parts of Portland. For more information about City Club of Portland, visit pdxcityclub.org or call 503-228-7231.

Centennial Research Committee Members

Nova Newcomer, Chair
Steve Schell, Lead Writer

Kurt Wehbring
Jon Stride
Alice McCartor
Sharon Maxwell
Tom Iverson
Carol Ford
James Filipi.

Roger Eiss, Research Adviser
Lauren Fox, Research Adviser
Tamara Kennedy-Hill, Advocacy and Awareness Adviser

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